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Yohimburn Review - Is YOHIMBURN The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Lauren Davidson

If you are looking for a fat burning gel to accelerate your fat loss along with exercise and diet then Yohimburn could be a product for you.

So, the question is, will Yohimburn be able to fulfill its claims?


Yohimburn is a fat burning product manufactured by a known health brand – AvoPharm. Yohimburn claims to be an effective fat burning gel which is applied to the targeted stubborn areas of skin having fat deposits. It is used in spray form which has to be applied on the target areas. The manufacturers claim that this product results in permanent fat loss. This product is not similar to other fat burning products as it does not work only on water retention. The effectiveness of this product is claimed with addition to regular exercise and a healthy diet. The results are visible in as little time as one week depending upon the exercise and diet routine of an individual.

What are the positives and negatives of Yohimburn?


They have a few reviews and customer testimonials available online. The manufacturers have not provided the necessary information like a list of ingredients, but they have given the information on how this product works on the body to burn fat. The manufacturers have also an enhanced and advanced version of this product. The enhanced version is available in the market by the name of Yohimburn ES. Both products can be purchased from third party online retailers like Amazon and with gymnasiums. The official product website contains a detailed list of retailers.


Regarding the minuses, there is no information about the ingredients of the product. Also, the company has not provided any more information on how this product works. This makes customer’s a little wary to use it. To achieve results using Yohimburn, it is mandatory to follow an exercise regime and a healthy diet. Many customers have reported uneasiness after taking this product. Yohimburn has mild stimulatory effects on the human body, thus it is not recommended to take it just before going to sleep. As per its usage, Yohimburn is an expensive product to indulge in.

What Ingredients are in Yohimburn?

The complete list of ingredients is not provided by the manufacturer. The most active ingredient in this product is Yohimbine. It combines with Alpha 2 receptors in the human body and stops further production of Norepinephrine which discharges fatty acids. Manufacturers say that due to Yohimbine’s reaction with Alpha 2 it helps in reducing estrogenic fat deposits. It is recommended to use twice a day and before 20-30 minutes of workout to achieve optimum results.

Ingredients: Yohimbine.

Should You Buy Yohimburn? Here's My Opinion...

Despite being fairly popular and having promotional hype Yohimburn is far from an ideal weight loss or a fat burning product that can be recommended to people. They have not provided any information regarding the product, which deters cautious customers from purchasing it. The product claims to be effective in weight loss and fat burn becomes unproven. The company has not given a detail list of ingredients. This is important information to know. Similar to fat burning gel products, it is recommended to continue exercising and follow a healthy diet with Yohimburn. However, in such cases, the effectiveness of the product cannot be easily determined whether the fat loss is due to the product usage or from the customer’s own effort of exercising and dieting. Yohimburn is expensive compared to other popular fat burning gels available in the market, which also provide detailed information on ingredients and their significance in fat loss. Below is the complete list of all products we could find that are comparable.

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