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TrimSpa Review - Is TRIMSPA The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Lauren Davidson

If you have an interest in diet pills, there is only one good reason – you want to see those extra pounds disintegrate into the atmosphere. And, you reason, that finding one online that will actually work can only be the fastest way to get started toward your weight reduction plan.

So, the question is, will Trim Spa, now called TrimSpa X32, really help curb your hunger pangs, encourage water weight loss, and reduce weight, or give you the jitters at best while you pay the price in health and cash?


TrimSpa X32 claims to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, reduce water weight, diminish absorption of calories, curb appetites, as well as deliver you from the extra pounds that make you feel sluggish. If it delivers on its claims, it would mean— problem solved.

What are the positives and negatives of TrimSpa?


The official website has only two testimonials posted: one is of the late celebrity Anna Nicole Smith and the other is anonymous. It is worth knowing that Anna Nicole sued TrimSpa for using her as an authoritative spokesperson in 2007. The site claims that the average weight loss of users is 6.61 pounds over an 8-week period, but no user reviews support this statistic. In addition to using TrimSpa X32, users are encouraged to follow a healthy diet plan and increase their exercise regimen. This is about it for the primary list of real pluses.


Now, for the negatives. There are quite a few that need to be considered before purchasing this product. The top two are: 1) the label no longer lists the ingredients; instead it lists “a proprietary ingredient” called X32, which is where the new name derived, and 2) Hoodia is known to be a dangerous ingredient causing permanent damage to the liver and possible damage to the kidneys. It is marketed as a completely safe product because it is “natural”. Nature is full of poisonous plants and plants that when used in combination with other plants can become dangerous. Hoodia is known to increase insomnia, anxiety, and palpitations, as well. The Naningen ingredient is known to raise levels of toxicity if you are taking any other medications for a huge variety of conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety issues, and arthritis associated medications. TrimSpa X32 may also contain Ephedra, which is banned in the United States for the deadly side effects proven in multiple studies. These are just a few of the primary list of real minuses.

What Ingredients are in TrimSpa?

Only some of the main ingredients in this product have been declared on the product label. Glucomannan and Cocoa Extract are potentially lethal when used together and anyone taking a supplement with Glucomannan should not eat or drink certain foods including shellfish and cocoa.

Ingredients: Trimspa used to angle each ingredient independently, but now the label barely shows that there are 75 micrograms of chromium and 667.5 milligrams of an "x32 proprietary blend" holding cocoa extract, hoodia gordonii, glucomannan, glucosamine HCL, citrus naringin, green tea extract, and sodium carboxymethylcellulose.

Should You Buy TrimSpa? Here's My Opinion...

The manufacturer of this product is in New Zealand and sales are limited to the United States and Canada, which seems odd. The price is within the norm for this type product at about $30 for 70-capsules or about a 2-week supply. Side effects include nausea, vomiting, rapid heartbeat, confusion, psychotic symptoms, seizure, stroke, and coma. This deadly combination of ingredients makes this product a definite pass if you value your life.

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