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Thinner-U Review - Is THINNER-U The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Lauren Davidson

If you are looking for a clinically proven weight loss formula that controls your blood sugar and keeps you stress free then Thinner-U could be a perfect weight loss product for you.

So, the question is, will Thinner-U be able to fulfill the claims it makes? Is it affordable? Does it have any side effects?


Thinner-U is manufactured by Renaissance Health Publishing LLC which is available only in the US. They claim to be an effective all natural weight loss and detox product. As per clinical studies done on Green Tea extracts, it is proven to reduce weight in a short duration. During the research there was fixed quantity of calories given to a set of men and women to consume every day. The subjects who took Thinner-U with their diet reduced 30lbs weight in only 90 days as compared to 10lbs weight loss for those who stuck only to the diet. Green tea extracts increases the body’s metabolic rate by releasing COMT enzymes. COMT is the culprit with reduced metabolism and leads to weight gain. NAC helps to reduce the accumulation of toxins which adds a significant amount to body weight. Thinner-U is available on its website. Renaissance Health Publishing offers a 60 day money back guarantee. It is relatively more expensive than other popular weight loss products. However, there are no free trial samples offered.

What are the positives and negatives of Thinner-U?


They have so many reviews and satisfied customer testimonials featured on their website. The official product website offers in depth information regarding each aspect of the product. To help customers with weight loss, the management website offers a BMI calculator and diet plans for free. These features require customers to feed in their information to get personalized results. Product packaging contains a list of ingredients. Green Tea is an active ingredient that contains no caffeine. Thinner-U is clinically verified for its effectiveness and is proven to reduce 30lbsof weight in 90 days. Customers can contact manufactures in cases of concern from the contact details mentioned on the website.


Regarding the minuses, there are many positive reviews about Thinner-U but their website is not secure for money transactions. They do not offer a safe and secure payment system. They do not offer PayPal transactions which are considered as safe and secure. Thinner-U is only available in the US.

What Ingredients are in Thinner-U?

The complete list of ingredients is mentioned on the website as well as on product packaging. Thinner-U contains 300mg of powerful Green Tea Extracts which are known to boost weight loss. NAC is a powerful antioxidant. It helps to decrease the toxin accumulation which further helps in reducing fat or body weight. NAC is helpful by releasing Glutathione which is a vital antioxidant and a detoxifier. It contains a popular Indian herb, Ashwaganda which is proven for good health, stress relief, and promotes longevity. Gymnema Sylvestre manages blood sugar and stops fat build up in body cells.

Ingredients: Green Tea extracts without caffiene, NAC, Ashwaganda, Gymneama, Sylvestre

Should You Buy Thinner-U? Here's My Opinion...

Thinner-U's effectiveness is clinically proven. The ingredients selected for the Thinner-U blend control blood sugar and increase metabolic rate to burn more calories. It helps to eliminate accumulated toxins which add up to body weight in significant quantities. The manufacturers provide a 100 % money back guarantee within 60 days of purchase. There are no free trial offers. The main downside is that there is no secure method of purchasing the product unfortunately.

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