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ThinBerry Review - Is THINBERRY The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Lauren Davidson

If you are struggling with excessive weight and looking for an easy solution to manage your body weight to be fit and healthy, then you may want to try ThinBerry.

So, the question is, will ThinBerry be able to fulfill their claims?


ThinBerry is a range of weight management, dietary supplements manufactured by a very popular health brand called Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems. They claim to be an effective product by suppressing an individual’s appetite. This helps them to consume less calories and manage weight easily on a daily basis. The wide range of ThinBerry products is different blends. One of the popular blends is a ThinBerry Weight Loss System; it comes with shaker cup to make it a complete program. Other blends are Thin berry Satiety and ThinBerry Opti-curb Cinnamon Twist. All these blends are available online to be purchased from the product website or other third party retailers.

What are the positives and negatives of ThinBerry?


They have many reviews and positive customer testimonials to support their product. It is an easy way to weight loss, given that it is consumed by dissolving in drinks. This looks good for those who have issues with swallowing pills. It contains all natural ingredients and they are mentioned on the product’s website. Ingredients in ThinBerry are all natural and free from gluten, soy, milk, eggs, and sugar. There are no reported cases of any unwanted nervous feelings. It can be easily purchased from their official website.


Regarding the minuses, there are many positive customer testimonials, but ThinBerry Manufacturers have not cited any clinical data to prove their product’s effectiveness and verify the claims they make. The promise they make looks too good to be true. ThinBerry is an expensive weight loss product as compared to other weight loss drinks popular in the market. Many customers have reported issues of bloating and have complained about leaving a bad taste in their mouth. They have suggested adding additional flavors to make it edible for their taste buds. This adds more calories to their diets.

What Ingredients are in ThinBerry?

Though the list of ingredients is long, manufacturers of Thin Berry have mentioned the key ingredients on their website. ThinBerry has different blends which contain their unique combination of ingredients. ThinBerry states that all ingredients used are completely natural and vegan. There is a detailed description on the importance of each active ingredient in ThinBerry, which is responsible in weight loss on website. This information is also given on the Rainbow Light website.

Ingredients: Fenugreel seed, Green coffee bean extract – Svetol, Green tea extract, Brown rice, chromium, L-carnitine, bromelain, bition, and ginger.

Should You Buy ThinBerry? Here's My Opinion...

When you invest in ThinBerry, it will only suppress your hunger cravings and may not speed up your body’s metabolic rate. With the list of ingredients and positive customer testimonials it looks very promising as a weight loss management program. Many customers have found their own way of using ThinBerry blends; instead of mixing it with their drinks they occasionally make a pancake kind of meal with these blends. ThinBerry is an ideal product for customers who struggle to be on a low calorie diet and look for an easy way to lose weight. However, without proper clinical testing to prove their claims, this product may be too good to be true.

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