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Super Hoodia 2000 Review - Is SMART HOODIA 2000 The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Lauren Davidson

If you are interested in losing weight, exercise and dieting are not always the most convenient methods. However, you can try diet pills and Super Hoodia 2000 is a diet pill that could possibly help you. The questions that come to mind when it comes to diet pills is - are they safe and will they work?

So, the question is, will Super Hoodia 2000 really work, and is it advisable to use it considering there are many weight loss supplements that are harmful?


Super Hoodia 2000 gains its weight loss powers from a South African herb known as Hoodia gordonii. This herb is believed to assist in the weight loss process by suppressing the appetite and it is increasingly becoming a much sought after ingredient in the weight loss industry. That said, Hoodia is shipped under strict regulations and it cannot be exported from its country of origin without proper certifications. Manufacturers of this weight loss supplement have some stern warnings and are quick to point out that this product is not beneficial for all. That said, it's marketed to posses incredible fat busting powers, and the product is well priced making it affordable for many. Online retailers sell a 60 capsule bottle for just $20.

What are the positives and negatives of Super Hoodia 2000?


Super Hoodia 2000 is well priced at only $20 and this is a major selling point for many people can try it out despite budgetary restrictions. The weight loss product can be purchased online. There are many positive reviews regarding this product and a lot of people seem to benefit from it. The manufacturer does not market it as a miracle product and in fact warns users in advance that it may not work on some people. Hoodia is an herb that has been used in South Africa for decades. It is safe because Hoodia 2000 is made using 100% pure hoodia. This is the list of real pluses.


When it comes to the minuses, hoodia the herb has quite a few. For starters, there have been negative reviews of the product with some claiming that it does not work. You will also come across reviews of users claiming that they use it with other dietary supplements which pretty much defeats its purpose. There have also been complaints about it not working and this could be taken back to the warning given by the company. There have been inconclusive studies on the herb and some scientists claim that the herb does not suppress the appetite. In fact these scientists came to the conclusion that hoodia’s active ingredient is digested before it can begin to work. These are Hoodia 2000’s real minuses.

What Ingredients are in Super Hoodia 2000?

If you are bored by the idea of reading ingredients, you will be glad to know that Super Hoodia 2000 does not have the extensive list of ingredients that you see in other weight loss products. Super Hoodia 2000 consists of only pure hoodia.

Ingredients: Hoodia.

Should You Buy Super Hoodia 2000? Here's My Opinion...

Super Hoodia 2000 sounds like an appealing weight loss product. It has good reviews and is increasingly becoming popular in the weight loss world which goes to show that there is something in the herb that just might help suppress the appetite. That said; there are a good number of negative reviews too, and the scientific studies that refute its appetite suppression powers cannot be ignored.

The fact of the matter is that, it does not have clinical trials that support its claims. The product also lacks guarantees and its disclaimer is enough to make anyone think twice before buying it. Below is the complete list of all products we could find that are comparable.

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