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Slimberry Review - Is SLIMBERRY The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Lauren Davidson

Slimberry is a weight loss product by Wela. This liquid based product claims to assist in detoxifying the body and as an effect enhances absorption of nutrients in the body.

So, the question is, will Slimberry help you lose weight and at what expense? You see, many of these weight loss products are filled with ingredients that may be harmful to the body. Is this one of them? Let’s learn more about the product below.


According to one Slimberry site, this product can help you shed those unwanted pounds by giving your body the nutrients it may be missing. The weight loss product is said to curb cravings and increase your metabolic rate helping you burn fat at a faster rate. Wella credit the increased metabolism to ionic and fulvic minerals contained in the product. The site further claims that Slimberry not only helps in weight loss but boosts the immune system as well. It therefore gives users total body wellness. This liquid based weight loss supplement is taken two to three times a day, and unlike most products that need to be diluted, it is consumed directly using a dropper. The liquid formula is placed under the tongue for a minute before being swallowed. First time users are advised to consume just half a drop of the supplement for a few days before they can begin taking a full dropper. This is to determine if there are any negative reactions to the formula.

What are the positives and negatives of Slimberry?


The product can be purchased online which is quite convenient. Slimberry seems to be a great option for people who tend to have difficulty swallowing pills. It’s easier to consume and because it is in liquid form, it’s easier to absorb as well. The supplement claims to not only boost weight loss but the immune system and these are great features as they promote overall health not just weight loss. This is amongst the top real pluses.


Unfortunately, Slimberry has had some negative reviews. In fact when you Google the product most the sites that come up are scam related. Though it is claimed that you can buy the product online we could not find a renowned or trustworthy online retailer selling the weight loss product. Wella the company responsible for this product offers Multi Level Marketing home business opportunities and it appears that Slimberry is sold through the distributors. It’s also not clear how much Slimberry costs but several sites put it in the $50 range. A full list of the ingredients is not available online and no clinical studies are cited in regards to this product. These are just some of the real minuses.

What Ingredients are in Slimberry?

Knowing what you are putting in your body is important as it helps you stay away from products you may be allergic to. We could not find the ingredient list for this product. That said, the product description did mention ionic and fulvic mineral, zeolites, and antioxidants. Various sites have also claimed that the product contains acai berry powder, stevia plant, pomegranate powder, and more. Like we said; these ingredients cannot be verified.

Ingredients: Unlisted.

Should You Buy Slimberry? Here's My Opinion...

This product has good claims, but that is pretty much it. The ingredients are sketchy and while it is claimed that you can buy it online, we could not find a reliable site that currently has it in stock. Slimberry is not clinically tested and you cannot really tell the ingredients it has. There is insufficient information regarding the product and we therefore cannot recommend it.

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