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Look Slim 90 Review - Is LOOK SLIM 90 The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Lauren Davidson

If you are scouring the web in search of the one weight loss supplement that will turn your blubber into a million little bits of Flubber, there is one reason only – you hate looking at the excess weight every time you try to slip into something sexy.

So, the question is, will Look Slim 90 burn that fat, reduce retention of sugars, and remove the toxins that allow the cellulite to build up, or will it only promise the moon and deliver the dark sky at your expense?


Healthy Me, Inc, the manufacturer of Look Slim 90 purports to decrease the amount of sugars that are retained in your body, dissolve fats, and release toxins through natural cycles of elimination resulting in weight loss that is gently achieved. Which would mean – there is a surprise for everyone you know just around the corner.

What are the positives and negatives of Look Slim 90?


There are no customer reviews on reputable sites where only actual customers who have purchased the product are allowed to post comments on its effectiveness. Look Slim 90 is advertised with special deals on television and on the product site. According to the maker, it contains no stimulants; but it should be noted that a combination of ingredients could have the same side effects as a stimulant. Those are the main real pluses.


As for the minuses, there are a couple that are quite disturbing and need to be mentioned, and the two that stand out the most are: 1) when you read the disclaimers, Look Slim 90 denies that it promises to help you lose weight, and 2) there is no mention of a money back guarantee. Frankly, that would be more than enough for most of us, but in addition to that the product costs $104 for a one-month supply. Their own company website states that no results can be expected before completing the 90-day program included in the package. That is somewhat puzzling, though they may have good reasons. That covers the primary list of real minuses.

What Ingredients are in Look Slim 90?

Look Slim 90 and Healthy Me, Inc list only one active element that assists in losing weight gradually, rather than instantaneously. And, that element is not really defined as an ingredient, but the result of the ingredients, which are not declared online.

Ingredients: Collagen protein.

Should You Buy Look Slim 90? Here's My Opinion...

Early in the promises of the product site, the maker states that Look Slim 90 assists weight loss when taken three hours before you retire for the night and after your final meal. Yet, by the time you read the disclaimers, the product has nothing to do with losing weight. The company goes to great effort to explain how a collagen protein is used to supply your body with a good protein that will burn off calories while you sleep and exercise is not necessary for the effectiveness. In reality, Look Slim 90 may be a more powerful supplement for anti-aging than weight loss. With no supporting evidence of the ingredients or the results of weight reduction, this product must be considered suspicious for this intended use. The single fact that the fancy wording to market this product as a weight loss miracle is misleading, which is revealed in the small print, is enough to discourage purchasing.

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