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RazTone Review - Is RAZTONE The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Lauren Davidson

RazTone is manufactured by ANR LCC as the “miracle fat burner” which is sold in supplement form. The company claims that it will boost your metabolism by helping to regulate the body’s adiponectin levels, while flushing out toxins with its all natural ingredient formula. The official website offers a lot of information in its user friendly interface and FAQ page for visitors. The product was also discussed in detail on the Dr. Oz show, which revealed that 100mg of RazTone provides the same benefits and antioxidant dosage of eating 90lbs of raspberries.

So, the question is, will RazTone really provide a variety of health benefits or is this product getting more hype than it deserves?


Raspberry ketones are naturally found in raspberries, but it takes up to 90lbs. of the fruit to give you the same benefits and antioxidants that you would get from one dose of RazTone. Scientists say that raspberry ketones are a powerful weight loss supplement, so having this ingredient in the RazTone formula will help the body produce adiponectin which helps the body rapidly burn off fat. The formula also contains grapefruit pectin, which helps regulate blood glucose levels and creates a feeling that you are full -- to help speed weight loss. RazTone also relies on African mango, which in recent studies was found to help people manage a 3900 percent weight loss over 28 days compared to a group using a placebo. Green tea extract in the supplement helps to improve the metabolism while shrinking fat cells. The formula is rounded out with Resveratrol, which helps to enhance your memory and immune system while promoting fat burning. Every purchase of RazTone also gets you a bottle of the Raspberry Ketone Cleanse formula which retails for $49.95. The RazTone original supplement costs around $37.

What are the positives and negatives of RazTone?


There is an official website for RazTone which provides a lot of information and is easy for consumers to navigate. When you make a purchase from this webpage, you will receive a free bottle of the Raspberry Ketone Cleanse formula. Both of these products contain all natural ingredients to promote weight loss, but the manufacturer does not make unrealistic claims about their product. They admit that in order to see real results you will need to incorporate diet and exercise into your routine which makes for real pluses.


Regarding any potential problems, RazTone has a risk free trial, but you will only receive the complimentary cleanse formula if you purchase at least three bottles up front which eliminates your trial option. There is no money back guarantee on this product and the webpage does not provide any customer testimonials for review. There also has not been any clinical evidence to prove that African mango, a key ingredient in the formula, is effective. Finally, there is no set dosage for RazTone which could result in some real minuses.

What Ingredients are in RazTone?

Only a limited ingredient list is used in RazTone which makes it much easier to keep track of what is included in the product and how it is supposed to work.

Ingredients: African Mango, ketones, grapefruit pectin, resveratrol, green tea and acai berries.

Should You Buy RazTone? Here's My Opinion...

RazTone appears to be a mixed bag. On the one hand it contains several quality ingredients that are known to be effective. On the other hand, they appear to use some pushy sales tactics, and are not as forthcoming regarding just how effective their formula really is, making this a product you should skip.

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