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Phaseolamin Review - Is PHASEOLAMIN The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Lauren Davidson

If you haven’t already, come across the name before, Phaseolamin is an ingredient you’ll find in a wide variety of supplements and health food products. Why the need for this particular supplement then? Well, according to the makers of Phaseolamin, this is one of the few ways of getting a high dose of the ingredient into your body in one go, 500mg in this case. And why would you want to do this? Again, according to the manufacturer it’s all about the way in which this wonder-ingredient is effective not only in keeping cholesterol in check, but also preventing carbs from being converted into fat. On the whole, it sounds almost too good to be true for a simple supplement – feel a little further digging is called for?

So, the question is, will Phaseolamin take most of the market by surprise and prove able to do exactly what it says on the packaging, or would you be better off spending your money elsewhere?


Phaseolamin comes from the good people at the LA Farmacia Natural, who promise a pretty impressive package of pluses of their product. By using the tried and tested Phaseolamin in a large and pure dose, the supplement is apparently able to deliver a multi-faceted attack on weight gain by blocking a certain amount of the carbs you eat from being absorbed and transformed into fat. It’s also apparently good for keeping cholesterol in check and there’s even talk of studies having been carried out on Phaseolamin - as in the ingredient itself – that brought home some promising results. However, this is all the same kind of thing we’ve heard about similar products that have proved anything but up to the job – what makes Phaseolamin different?

What are the positives and negatives of Phaseolamin?


Speaking in favor of Phaseolamin, the key ingredient itself is found in a ton of carb blockers on the market today and has become widely regarded as the ingredient to look for when it comes to carb-blocking. It’s always good to see a product that doesn’t rely on stimulants to assist with weight loss and Phaseolamin is exactly such a product. What’s more, there are some good reviews out there suggesting it can work wonders even without the person in question having to make big changes to their diet or exercise regime. As such, it’s an impressive enough collection of real pluses.


On the less positive side of things, there have been no actual tests carried out at all on the Phaseolamin supplement itself and there are no clear instructions offered on how to use it. As such, it’s impossible to determine its value for money or otherwise. What’s more, there isn’t a full disclosure of ingredients offered, no free trial is available, and purchases are not covered by a money back guarantee. So while there’s plenty to be said on the positive side, there are still some real minuses.

What Ingredients are in Phaseolamin?

As mentioned, it’s difficult to track down a fill list of the ingredients that go into Phaseolamin which makes it tricky when it comes to ruling out allergic reactions and the like. We of course know that it delivers a high 500mg dose of Phaseolamin, but other than that there’s little information on offer.

Ingredients: Phaseolamin.

Should You Buy Phaseolamin? Here's My Opinion...

As the ingredient itself seems to have won pretty decent acclaim all over the world, there’s no real reason not to recommend Phaseolamin as a product to try out. However, the fact that there isn’t a full list of ingredients offered means it’s crucial to seek medical advice before doing so as if you don’t know what’s in it; you don’t know what you might be allergic to. No free trial or money back guarantee, makes this supplement a risk.

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