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NV Diet Review - Is NV DIET The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Lauren Davidson

There are so many products on the market today claiming to help the ongoing fight against the flab that it becomes nigh-on impossible to know how to pick. Each tells us it’s better than the last and then another comes out telling us something different – they can’t all be as good as each other, can they? As far as NV Diet goes, here’s another example of such a product. Though in this case one that comes from a brand with a decent enough reputation. They speak of those taking the product experiencing better and faster weight loss than would have been possible otherwise, but chances are you’re thinking you’ve heard all of this far too many times before.

So, the question is, will NV Diet add another string to the bow of its manufacturer, or is it just another attempt to get us to part with our money for little in return?


NV Diet comes from Wellnx Life Sciences DR and comes in two variants – standard and caffeine free. As far as the information available goes, it’s all pretty reassuring reading. Clinical trials have been carried out on NC Diet and apparently proved its ability to lead to up to 5lbs of weight loss in two weeks compared to the standard of 2lbs in the control group. What’s more, it contains a ton of natural ingredients, there’s a full money-back guarantee on offer, and it’s even endorsed by a well-known celebrity. All in all, it’s looking like the Hollywood diet pill so many have been hunting for, but it’s still crucially important to see how it works in the real world.

What are the positives and negatives of NV Diet?


On the plus side of things for NV Diet, it’s one of the few weight loss supplements out there that have actually been tested. The list of ingredients makes for reassuring reading, the celebrity endorsement is always a promising addition, and the money-back guarantee speaks for itself. Reviews seem to be generally good and the website itself has plenty of information to share – all in all some genuinely impressive real pluses.


As for the downsides, it’s a shame they don’t offer too much information on the individual ingredients to explain how they work. In addition, it gets a bit annoying after a while just how many times Holly Madison in mentioned – it seems they’re making her NV Diet’s biggest selling point of all. And finally, the original formula that contains caffeine has been linked to a number of unpleasant side-effects, as is the case with all such stimulants. On the whole, it’s a lesser list of real minuses.

What Ingredients are in NV Diet?

There are two types of NV Diet to choose from – the original formula and the caffeine free option. Both are fully laid bare in terms of ingredients, which according to the manufacturer are as listed to the right.

Ingredients: Standard NV Diet – Indian Sphaeranthus, Mangosteen, Caffeine, Cranberry Extract, Bilberry, Litchi, Turmeric, Grape Extract, Pomegranate, and Goji. Caffeine Free NV Diet - Indian Sphaeranthus, Mangosteen, Cranberry Extract, Bilberry, Litchi, Turmeric, Grape Extract, Pomegranate, and Goji.

Should You Buy NV Diet? Here's My Opinion...

All in all, it’s almost a clean sweep for NV Diet apart from the niggling annoyance that they don’t let you know what each ingredient does and how it affects the body. We know it works, we know it’s guaranteed, and we know it’s endorsed by a celebrity – it’s almost a done deal. On the whole, it’s definitely one of the most promising weight loss supplements out there given the information available. However, there are many more suppliments that have no negative side effects, are fully tested, and have all guarentees in place. It would be best to go with the better supplement and not settle for a sub par option.

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