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Nutra-Slim Tea Review - Is NUTRA-SLIM TEA The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Lauren Davidson

If you are searching for weight loss supplements and herbal teas then it is safe to assume that you are battling weight issues and want to find a solution to them as soon as possible. Now, you have figured that looking for weight loss products is your best available option when it comes to decreasing your belly size.

So, the question is, will Dieter’s Nutra-Slim Tea help you in shedding the extra pounds that you have put on, or prove to be just another weight loss product that promises a lot but delivers nothing.


Dieter’s is the company behind Nutra-Slim Tea and they claim that this product of theirs can help in warding off the symptoms of constipation once and for all. Even though the product has some customer feedback available online it has not yet been tested. Thus, the validity of the claims made by the manufacturer is questionable. The product is available in various box sizes, but since it does not have an official website it has to be bought from third-party online retailers. Different retailers sell the product for different rates, but the price range is generally between $5 to $9. Nutra-Slim Tea should be used in combination with a healthy and balanced diet to obtain the best possible results.

What are the positives and negatives of Nutra-Slim Tea?


The biggest plus-point of the product is that it is readily available at online retailers and comes in boxes of different sizes. The ingredients that have been used in the making of Nutra-Slim Tea is used commonly in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Moreover, the product is claimed to help the users who are suffering from constipation issues and is also one of the more affordable products available in the market.


The product has a fair share of negatives as well and the most important one among them is the side effects that are caused by one of its ingredients. The Malva Verticellata present in Nutra-Slim Tea has been known to cause allergic reactions in its users. The reactions include wheezing, chest pain, facial swelling, and breathing difficulties. Moreover, Nutra-Slim Tea does not come with a money-back guarantee and there is no mention of a free trial offer for it, which makes buying it a financial risk. In addition to this, the product does not have an official website and, since it contains laxatives, its prolonged use can leave the user dehydrated. Besides these drawbacks, Nutra-Slim Tea is also known to decrease the level of sugar in the blood. This causes symptoms of hypoglycemia that include shaking, sweating, anxiety, double vision, and confusion. This is why pregnant women are advised not to take the product.

What Ingredients are in Nutra-Slim Tea?

Cassia Angustifolia which is also known as extract of Senna Leaf and Malva Verticellata are the only two ingredients that have been used in the synthesis of Nutra-Slim Tea. The Senna Leaf used in the product does the job of increasing the efficiency of the digestive system of the users and thus inhibit the chances of constipation. The Malva Verticellata on the other hand performs the task of eliminating infections that target the urinary tract. Since it has diuretic properties it can help in lowering down weight but can provide laxative benefits as well if its dosage is increased considerably.

Ingredients: Senna Leaf and Malva Verticellata.

Should You Buy Nutra-Slim Tea? Here's My Opinion...

Since it contains laxatives Nutra-Slim Tea is not a weight loss product that you should use regularly for an extended time period. However, there is no harm in using it for a shorter time period. The product does have quite a few side effects especially the Malva Verticellata present in it, which can cause serious contraindications. Thus, it is safe to say that Nutra-Slim Tea is definitely not the best weight loss solution available in the market.

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