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Maximum Burn Xtreme Review - Is MAXIMUM BURN XTREME The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Lauren Davidson

Maximum Burn Xtreme is a mysterious weight loss product. It appears to be more of a scam than a real product and there is not much information regarding the manufacturer or where to buy it other than a link that takes you to a non-related website. According to the product’s website, this weight loss product can help users lose weight fast thanks to its antioxidant properties sourced from the Acai Berry. However, all the information regarding this product indicates that it may very well be a scam.

So, the question is, will the information on the website be substantiated by real reviews from users who have used the product? The answer is highly unlikely considering most complainants are yet to receive communication from the company. Angry consumers have complained of receiving no response from the company with no answered emails and busy lines. Many actually claim that the product is not legitimate and that the company may not actually exist. Consumers who have tried to buy this product have been met by multiple charges on their credit cards. In fact, the company requests for an initial $90 in order to get a free trial of the supposed weight loss supplement.


According to the Maximum Burn Xtreme website, this weight loss supplement provides a quick weight loss solution. It also increases energy and this is made possible with the number one super food in the world. We assume that the super food they are referring to is the Acai Berry since it is the only ingredient that is mentioned in the entire site. The site further claims that clinical studies have been conducted on the dietary supplement, and the results showed weight loss ranging from 12.54 and 14.99 pounds after eight weeks of using the product. The company has a free trial, which interestingly requests for a payment of $90. This is quite strange given the fact that a few of the sites supposedly selling the product, sell it for much less at $69.99.

What are the positives and negatives of Maximum Burn Xtreme?


Word on the street is that this product does not exist. The website has a ton of claims that cannot be substantiated. A look at a few sites that claim to sell the supplement show discrepancies with the product’s description and ingredients. One site claimed that Maximum Burn Xtreme contains fibers which fight toxin build up in the digestive system and increase the metabolic system. Another site also went to claim that the dietary supplement decreases bloating, headaches, and boosts energy levels while fighting weight gain. There is also a slide share presentation that claimed Maximum Burn Xtreme produces 450% more results than what you would get through exercising and dieting alone. Had they been real, these would have been fantastic real pluses.


There is a world of mystery surrounding the Maximum Burn Xtreme. For starters, there is no evidence of this product being available in the market. Many of the consumers who tried to buy it claimed they had been scammed by the free trial which requests $90. Nothing about the product, its description, or where it can be bought adds up. These are the real minuses.

What Ingredients are in Maximum Burn Xtreme?

The Maximum Burn Xtreme website has no information whatsoever regarding its ingredients. However is does mention that the supplement contains antioxidant properties sourced from the Acai Berry. We managed to come across two sites with completely different ingredient lists.

Ingredients: Not available.

Should You Buy Maximum Burn Xtreme? Here's My Opinion...

While Maximum Burn Xtreme is marketed as a great dietary supplement, it doesn’t seem to exist. Consumers need to be careful about buying products that have no explanation on how they work or even the ingredients they posses.

Maximum Burn Xtreme has all the signs of a scam. There is little information concerning the company itself and the product’s ingredients.

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