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Lipozene Review - Is LIPOZENE The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Lauren Davidson

If you are interested in diet pill supplements, there is only one reason: you want to lose weight and dieting and regimented exercises have not helped. Since weight loss is a personal issue, you probably want to make your choice in private and figure finding a good product online is the way to do that.

So, the question is, will Lipozene really burn off excess fat, or just leave you waiting for results month after month as you pay for it?


Lipozene keeps its claims very simple by promising that you will lose weight due to the increased burning of excess fat, and if it delivers on that promise - problem solved.

What are the positives and negatives of Lipozene?


One of the real pluses is that this product relies on one single active ingredient to enhance weight loss, but this could also be a negative if you expect results to be faster or more inclusive. It appears that the main benefits are from fiber rich nutrients in combination with the active ingredient, which traditional health declares as an effective element to instill shedding pounds. The price is on the lower end of products in this category at about $30 for a bottle of 30 capsules – a one-month supply. Also, the product site offers a buy-one-get-one free for first time purchasers. This diet supplement is advertised on television, the internet, and in magazines suggesting that the company is large enough and reputable enough to afford legitimate media ads. And, that covers the primary list of real pluses.


Regarding the minuses, there are a few worth mentioning, but the two that stand out the most are: 1) the product states it takes 2 – 3 months to see the visual weight loss, and 2) the amount of weight loss depends on eating a well-balanced, healthy diet plus daily moderate exercise routines. Frankly, that’s enough if you’re looking for a supplement that does all the work while you sleep, but add to that the fact that the product clearly warns of side effects including gas and stomach cramps. What the product does not tell you is that if you have any colon problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn’s disease, you should not take this supplement at all. The active ingredient does cause loose bowels in the beginning as part of the “cleansing” process that is indicative of glucomannan. Lipozene may have first been marketed as a laxative, which would account for the effects. That pretty much covers the primary list of real minuses.

What Ingredients are in Lipozene?

There is only one ingredient listed and a note on the manufacturer’s website that this product is to be used as part of a diet and exercise regimen, which makes no promises that it will work alone.

Ingredients: Glucomannan.

Should You Buy Lipozene? Here's My Opinion...

Overall, the price seems to be in line with other products of this type, but this company has not disclosed what ingredients are included in the composition of this product. With the only active ingredient being a natural fiber, you may be able to increase your fiber intake to achieve the same results without the cost of pills, and without the added gas or stomach cramps.

Few diet supplements are well recognized as potential assists to dieting, but Lipozene is one that is known to be one, but with many painful added side effects. It also may not be worth a try, because you have no idea what ingredients could cause you reactions.

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