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LipoTrim Review - Is LIPOTRIM The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Lauren Davidson

If you are looking for the best weight loss management supplement, there can only be one reason, you have a severe weight problem and you need more than just a diet plan to get rid of the pounds, tone the muscles, and dissolve the fat. And, since you have heard that there is a product that actually works, you have decided to try to find it online.

So, the question is, will LipoTrim by HFR actually help you manage your weight loss, tone muscles, and burn off cellulite, or is it just a myth that you will end up paying for anyway?


Howard Foundation Research, Ltd [HFR] of England makes a product called LipoTrim that is proven by medical research to help reduce weight and deliver on all the promises you have heard and longed for so long, which means – start cheering because your problem is really on the way to being solved.

What are the positives and negatives of LipoTrim?


HFR has held the patent for LipoTrim for more than 20-years. Unfortunately, there are at least 4 companies that are “using” the same name for products sold online and in stores that are not the patented, proven product. Yet, each of these [see pictures above] make the same claims with no evidence to support them. LipoTrim by HFR is a prescription drug used only in medical clinics under the constant supervision of medical doctors for obesity management. The product is not prescribed to take home. LipoTrim by HFR has been successfully used as part of an entire medical program in Europe for more than 20 years for obesity management only. There are no pictures of the drug and no ingredients made available to the public. LipoTrim by HFR is a real plus.


Regarding the minuses, the products that use the LipoTrim name, such as those pictured above, are claiming the same results as the medical product. However, they have no evidence to support their claims or promises. None of the mimics offer reputable manufacturer information or clinical studies by independent medical research of their products or the ingredients that they list. Frankly, any company that “borrows” the name of another’s product is already untrustworthy and suspicious. One of the items using the name is also marketed as a bodybuilding supplement. One of the products added the word “new” to the name to get around patent improprieties. These products are all real minuses.

What Ingredients are in LipoTrim?

There is no ingredient information listed but a note on the LipoTrim by HFR’s manufacturer website that this product is for prescriptive medical use only and is not to be sold over the counter. As such, the products by the name LipoTrim for sale to the public without close medical supervision may be counterfeit, bogus, or imitations lacking the ability and substance to do the job; or the main ingredient has been replicated by shady producers. Which would make the product extremely dangerous without proper supervision of a licensed physician in a medical care facility.

Ingredients: By prescription only

Should You Buy LipoTrim? Here's My Opinion...

There is no method of obtaining LipoTrim by Howard Foundation Research, Ltd except by checking into a weight loss clinic operated by medical doctors and engaging in the entire program.

LipoTrim fakers – those who are trying to cash in on the legitimate product – are available all over the internet. However, none of these products provide reputable, reliable evidence not manufactured by wordsmiths to show that their product actually works as claimed. Buying a product that you know is using another’s name should let you know that the claims are as reliable as the integrity of the maker.

In short, don’t fall for imitation names. LipoTrim is not available over the counter. The difficulty in obtaining a real version of this hard to find product makes it one not to take the risk with.

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