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LeanSpa Review - Is LEANSPA The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Lauren Davidson

It’s obvious that you are fed up of the hidden smiles people exchange when they watch you approaching them because of your obesity, as you would never search for weight loss supplements otherwise. You know that in order to get back in shape and in order to make those hidden smiles go away, you need a very good and powerful weight loss product.

So, the question is, will LeanSpa be the one that would make your dreams of losing weight and of getting an athletic and muscular body come true, or will it be of no help in tackling your weight management problems?


LeanSpa is marketed as a weight loss and muscle building supplement by its manufacturers. The product is claimed to contain natural ingredients which help the body in burning fat in order to reduce the weight an help in energizing the body so as to build muscle. The manufacturers say that the product doesn’t only help the user lose weight and build some solid muscle as it is capable of enhancing bone strength as well by retaining and maintaining bone mass. While the actual working of the product isn’t explained, the official website of the product does cite certain clinical studies that have been conducted in order to back up the claims of the product.

What are the positives and negatives of LeanSpa?


There are a few positives about LeanSpa that help make it stand out from its competition. First and foremost, the biggest positive about LeanSpa is that the manufacturers have conducted scientific research over their product and have published the results of the clinical studies for everyone to see as well. This shows that the claims of the manufacturers aren’t a piece of fiction. Moreover, the product comes with a 30-days money back guarantee which is also a good sign as it shows confidence on the part of the manufacturer that the product would certainly satisfy the consumer. Lastly, the fact that the product contains natural and herbal ingredients is also a positive, as it means that it has no adverse side-effects.


There are a few negatives and minuses of LeanSpa as well that should be taken into consideration. The biggest drawback of the product has to be its price. A single bottle of LeanSpa would cost you around $80 which is far more than most weight loss supplements. Moreover, the amount of weight loss that the product showed during the research was very less. One would only lose around 2.5 pounds after two months of using LeanSpa. Additionally, the non-presence of the product at major retailers and the refusal of the manufacturers to publish the list of ingredients remain disconcerting points as well.

What Ingredients are in LeanSpa?

The list of ingredients present in LeanSpa remains unknown as the manufacturers haven’t published them on their official website. The only two ingredients that are known to be present in the product are garcina cambogia and green tea extracts. While green tea extract is a well-known non-stimulant that is great for burning fat, there is no valid information available regarding garcina cambogia.

Ingredients: Garcinia cambogia, green tea extracts.

Should You Buy LeanSpa? Here's My Opinion...

Even though LeanSpa has clinical research and studies to back up its claims, comes with a money back guarantee, and uses natural ingredients, its price and slow results remain points that simply can’t be ignored. While LeanSpa claims it's a good weight loss supplement, there remain various other weight loss supplements which can help you lose more weight in lesser time and still cost you less. So, all in all, seeing that the product is too pricey and can’t promise quick results, it would be best if you don’t waste your money on it.

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