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Hoodia Appetite Review - Is HOODIA APPETITE The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Lauren Davidson

The simplest way to lose weight is of course to eat less of the rubbish that makes us fat in the first place…pretty obvious stuff. Of course, it’s always easier said than done and that’s exactly why appetite blockers like Hoodia Appetite are such big business these days. The beauty of these kinds of products is…assuming they work…that they enable you to lose weight without ever having to feel hungry or unsatisfied. The best examples even ensure energy levels remain high and metabolism is improved at the same time – it’s an all in one package the likes of which millions have been dreaming of.

So, the question is, will Hoodia Appetite prove to be another dud to throw on the trash heap, or are we looking at one of the few supplements that’s in fact the real deal?


Recent studies have suggested that Hoodia Gordonii – the main ingredient in Hoodia Appetite – is a pretty brilliant appetite suppressant that doesn’t seem to have any negative effects on the body. In fact, it’s so new that there isn’t really any evidence to date to suggest how it works, but various tests have supposedly proved it does. Hoodia Appetite contains a high-quality and potent dose of this ingredient and is therefore marketed as one of the best on the market today to make use of a newly discovered gem. And what’s more, it’s not nearly as expensive as many of the other weight loss supplements on the market – the company behind it really cannot sing its praises enough. But of course, what really matters is what the good people buying Hoodia Appetite have to say about it – is it the real deal or not?

What are the positives and negatives of Hoodia Appetite?


It’s pretty early days for Hoodia Appetite and the ingredient it is based upon, but reviews generally tend to be positive enough. The general consensus is that Hoodia Appetite is fully able to reduce a person’s appetite to a modest extent so as to still allow them to enjoy the food they eat, without eating too much of it. They also noted a distinct drop in their craving for unhealthy treats, along with a new sense of energy and positivity with which to attack the day. On the whole, it’s a reasonably impressive catalogue of real pluses.


As for the negatives, there are plenty of buyers that insist Hoodia Appetite is nothing more than a placebo and that it all comes down to mind over matter. They insist that it doesn’t actually do anything scientific to reduce an appetite and that the lack of research suggests it might be a complete dud. What’s more, there are too many products out there claiming to be laced with high-quality Hoodia but are in fact extremely low in quality and potency. On the whole, it’s an equally weighty collection of real minuses.

What Ingredients are in Hoodia Appetite?

One of the best things you can say about Hoodia Appetite is that it is an all-natural product – one of the biggest selling points of all for these kinds of weight loss aids. As for ingredients, the key component is of course the Hoodia itself, which is said to have been tested extensively and found to be brilliant at the job of appetite reduction. However, some claim quite to the contrary and insist large-scale testing hasn’t yet been carried out, so it might be a good idea to use Hoodia Appetite only after checking with a doctor or health care professional.

Ingredients: Hoodia.

Should You Buy Hoodia Appetite? Here's My Opinion...

There’s really no reason to cast aspersions on the effects of Hoodia Appetite at this stage, but at the same time there’s no specific clinical evidence that the actual supplement itself works. Nevertheless, the feedback is ok and it’s a pretty cheap product compared to some of the others out there – you could certainly choose worse than Hoodia Appetite, but you could also choose better too especially if the supplement turns out to test positive as just a glorified placebo.

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