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Green Coffee Ultra Review - Is GREEN COFFEE ULTRA The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Lauren Davidson

Weight loss supplements have been flooding the market for years as vast swathes of the population search high and low for something to help them with their efforts. There are those that work, those that don’t, and those that can actually make you worse – where does Green Coffee Ultra fit into the plan? We’ve all heard the ways in which green coffee can indeed be beneficial for the body, but as to whether or not it can really help fight the flab when taken as a supplement, is a different story altogether.

So, the question is, will Green Coffee Ultra really harness all the positive power of green coffee for the purposes of weight loss, or is it all just another fad that’s going nowhere?


According to the makers of Green Coffee Ultra, the product relies on its high dose of GCA green coffee which has been extensively trialed and tested for its effectiveness. This extract has been said to help people lose weight to the tune of a massive 17lbs in as little as 12 weeks – an impressive promise and not nearly as OTT as some of its rivals go. What’s more, it’s also stated that those losing weight by using green coffee didn’t even have to make any major changes to their diets or exercise regimes – you just lose weight without even trying. So the ingredient itself seems to have been vetted, but what about Green Coffee Ultra as a product? It’s easy for a supplement to claim it makes use of a wonder-ingredient, but that doesn’t always mean that the results will be the same.

What are the positives and negatives of Green Coffee Ultra?


Review-wise, there are so many people that swear by the properties of green coffee and many of these have switched to Green Coffee Ultra. The majority of positive comments agree that Green Coffee Ultra does indeed assist with faster and more manageable weight loss, while those that do increase their exercise regimes and step up their diets report even more impressive results – usually in less than 12 weeks. And of course, the way in which Green Coffee Ultra is backed by a money back guarantee never fails to win over the punters – This is a generous assortment of real pluses.


On the other side of the fence, some argue that $50 is far too much to pay for a supplement like Green Coffee Ultra. And while it’s clear that the active ingredient itself has indeed been put through its pace, Green Coffee Ultra as a product hasn’t been directly tested or verified. Other than this though, there’s little more to be said about the real minuses.

What Ingredients are in Green Coffee Ultra?

As mentioned above, the primary ingredient that goes into Green Coffee Ultra is coffee bean extract – each tablet holds a full 800mg of the stuff. This is way more than you’d find in most similar supplements, so assuming that it is in fact as effective as we’re led to believe, Green Coffee Ultra is one of the best choices out there. Of course, you could always have an allergy or be sensitive to even the most natural products out there, so for peace of mind you might want to seek advice before trying Green Coffee Ultra.

Ingredients: Coffee bean extract.

Should You Buy Green Coffee Ultra? Here's My Opinion...

For the most part it is a clean sweep for Green Coffee Ultra as we’re seeing a product that’s not only won some pretty impressive feedback, but also uses a clinically tested ingredient AND has a money back guarantee in place. The only real downside is the way in which there haven’t been any direct studies carried out on the product itself and that Green Coffee Ultra costs around $50 or so per bottle. This is very expensive. However, you must take into account that this supplement may not work for you. This supplement has the chance to cause you allergic reactions and other problems, if you are in fact allergic or sensitive to any of the included ingredients or from the coffee bean extract itself.

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