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Cytolean Review - Is CYTOLEAN The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Lauren Davidson

If you are searching for diet pills than chances are that you are probably unhappy with your weight, which has inspired you to shed some off. Weight makes you feel older and you don’t want to be older before your time. And, since this is such a personal hurt, you want to hide your feelings. And, you figure anything that can help you lose weight is a bonus.

So, the question is, will Cytolean diet pills curb your hunger and start burning off excess calories, or just make you focus on food more, but at your expense?


Cytolean claims to increase your metabolism, curb your hunger and make you feel “euphoric” as you burn calories and lose weight, which sounds like the ultimate answer, meaning — problem solved.

What are the positives and negatives of Cytolean?


They have many reviews, but they are mostly from body building and weight management interests, instead of dieters. The only positives offered are on the product site in advertising blurbs, including that the product is made with “all natural” ingredients and desirable results appear in a matter of weeks. Since these are only claims, it makes one wonder if there are any real pluses.


Unfortunately, the minuses are many with the top two in the list being: 1) ordering through the Cytolean product site leads to a dead page, and 2) the company that is supposed to be the manufacturer of this product does not list Cytolean as part of its line. Frankly, these two negatives are sufficient to make one believe that this is a fake product or some kind of potential scam. Of all the good reasons to be leery of this product, these are the top for real minuses.

What Ingredients are in Cytolean?

Though the list of ingredients is technical there is no evidence that the product actually exists, or that these ingredients are all inclusive. It is important to know that these ingredients are not listed on the official product site and had to be discovered in other web pages.

Ingredients: Green tea extract Phenylalanine and L-Tyrosine, Glucuronolactone, Beta-Phenylethylamine, Caffeine, Evodia Rutaecarpa Extract Standardized For Rutaecarpine Content, Hordenine, Gingko Biloba Extract, Uncaria Rhynchophylla, Sinofranchetia Chinensis, Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate, and Gelatin.

Should You Buy Cytolean? Here's My Opinion...

Assuming that Cytolean actually arrives at your door, the price is no problem – 120 pills for about $27 is great. But then you have to hope that it delivers on any of its promises, and that it’s more useful for bodybuilding instead of general use. The fact that the manufacturer, Gaspari Nutrition, does not claim it in their official website as part of their line tells you that the maker may be false and you have no chance to file complaints or get your money back if you end up with a pig in a poke. Since there are no actual “user” reviews that are trying to lose weight, the veracity of any review is suspicious at best.

Another red flag is raised when the ingredients of the product are deliberately concealed on the product pages and you are forced to search around for them. If you are searching for a legitimate slimming pill to assist you in losing weight, your best bet is to avoid this one and keep looking.

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