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Carb Blocker 2 Review - Is CARB BLOCKER 2 The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Lauren Davidson

It’s no secret that a big reduction in carbohydrate intake can result in fast and efficient weight loss, however, it’s also no secret that cutting down of carbs isn’t easy, as most of the things we depend on every day to eat are loaded with the things. So what’s the answer? Simple really: use a supplement that’s designed to block carbs from being absorbed, meaning you can go on eating them without the adverse effects. That’s precisely what Carb Blocker 2 claims to be able to do – the successor presumably to Carb Blocker 1 and the result of tireless research…or so we’re told. But chances are you’ll be wondering whether or not, most supplements like this are more smoke and mirrors than they are solutions.

So, the question is, will Carb Blocker 2 ends up gaining a reputation for solving the carb dilemma of millions, or is it just blowing smoke like so many others like it?


Those responsible for Carb Blocker 2 insist that it's able to block up to 500 calories of a meal that contain things like bread, rice, past and potatoes. So, in other words, you get to have your cake and eat it too! What’s more, they brag about the way in which Carb Blocker 2 has been tested and therefore proven in its abilities to do exactly what it says on the packaging. Added together with the fact that Carb Blocker 2 costs a pretty reasonable $35 for a bottle of 90 and you have yourself a product you’d rightly argue should be used by pretty much everybody looking to lose weight. But it’s worth digging deeper as we’ve been misled so many times before – what’s the truth about Carb Blocker 2?

What are the positives and negatives of Carb Blocker 2?


It’s always nice to see a product that has way more positive reviews than negative - Carb Blocker 2 is a perfect example. The company behind the product has an excellent reputation, the product itself seems to have helped thousands to lose weight and there are few reports suggesting it in any way leads to any nasty side effects. On the whole, therefore, it’s a convincing array of real places.


That being said, it’s always worrying when a manufacturer for one reason or another chooses not to list a full teardown of its ingredients. Really – even on the main website, you can’t find out what you’re buying. And of those that claim Carb Blocker 2 simply doesn’t work, all are unanimous in their criticism of no money back guaranteed being offered, which really should be standard these days. On the whole, therefore, there are just a few entries to the list of real minuses.

What Ingredients are in Carb Blocker 2?

As mentioned above, the most concerning thing of all as far as Carb Blocker 2 is concerned is the way in which they don’t seem to want to tell you what’s in it. We might know it’s safe, we might know it works and we do at least know it contains White Kidney Bean Extract, but other than this, Carb Blocker 2 is a bit of a mystery.

Ingredients: White Kidney Bean Extract.

Should You Buy Carb Blocker 2? Here's My Opinion...

The reviews generally speak in favor of Carb Blocker 2 as a product of choice, the company behind it has a good reputation and there’s no reason to think it’s an unfair price to pay. Sadly though, all of this is overshadowed by the fact that there is no disclosure of the full list of ingredients it contains, which means no way of knowing whether or not you’ll be allergic to Carb Blocker 2, so this isn't really a recommended buy.

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