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Ayurslim Review - Is AYURSLIM The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Lauren Davidson

Since you are searching for weight loss products it's safe to assume that you have gained a few extra pounds recently, which has resulted in your inability to fit into one of your favorite outfits. Now, you are seeking weight loss product because you believe that one of them can help you in losing your weight quickly.

So, the question is, will Himalaya Ayurslim help you in achieving your weight loss goals, or do nothing at all except stealing money from your pocket?


Ayurslim is a weight loss product that is manufactured by Himalaya, a producer of Ayurvedic medicines and products for the past 84 years. The product claims to lessen the weight of the user by suppressing hunger, minimizing the fatty acid production in body and boosting body’s ability to absorb the nutrients more efficiently. Another of the claims made by the company behind Ayurslim is that it does the job of lowering down the weight in a safe manner without causing any kind of reactions whatsoever.

What are the positives and negatives of Ayurslim?


The most evident and noteworthy positive of Ayurslim is that it comes from a trusted manufacturer who has been producing herbal and Ayurvedic products for a very long time. Moreover, the product contains ingredients that occur naturally in nature and have been mixed using the principles of an age old medicinal concept. Ayurslim claims to not only reduce fats, but also suppresses the body’s food cravings as well. Clinical studies conducted on the product provide evidence that the product does work. In addition to this, the product is not that costly and is also safe for human use as well.


The minus points of Ayurslim include the absence of a detailed account of how the ingredients used in the product work and its apparent unavailability in the US. Furthermore, the company behind the product, Himalaya has been warned several times by the Food and Drug Administration for the inconsistent and fake claims made by the company about the medical benefits of Ayurslim.

What Ingredients are in Ayurslim?

The Ayurslim’s formula has been made using the concepts of Ayurvedic medicine. The ingredients included in it all were picked to provide certain weight loss benefits to the users.

Ingredients: Gymnema sylvestre which is also known as Meshashringi, Garcinia cambogia which contains Vrikshamla and Garcinia, Terminalia chebula containing Haritaki and Chebulic Myrobalan, Trigonella foenum-graecum which contains Medhika and Fenugreek and Commiphora wightii containing Guggulu and Indian Bedellium.

Should You Buy Ayurslim? Here's My Opinion...

Overall, it can be said that Ayurslim appears to be a product that can help people in managing their weight. However, there is a need for some research to be done before purchasing it. The areas that need to be investigated include the concepts of Ayurvedic medicine, the sources from where the formula’s ingredients are obtained and why the product is not available for the USA version of the Himalaya website. Since the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has already given them warnings, it really doesn’t sound like a safe route to take in your weight loss process.

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