As a mom of 3 very rambunctious children, Kathryn Phillips was always doing something with them, whether it was driving them to soccer practice or dropping them at the local shopping mall. When Kathryn began experiencing symptoms of menopause, she had a hard time keeping up with her children so she started researching natural menopausal supplements. She realized that she had a calling to help other women needing information and began blogging. That soon grew into a full time passion researching and reviewing as many products as she could and passing along all the information she accumulated.

Soy Balance Review - Is SOY BALANCE The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Kathryn Phillips

The primary cause of all those horrible symptoms associated with menopause is, in reality, nothing more than a simple hormone imbalance. This is precisely why so many women opt for Hormone Replacement Therapy as HRT has the potential to in some way restore balance. However, in doing so it also triggers a world of unpleasant side-effects of its own and aren’t considered to be 100% safe by some leading experts. The alternative therefore is to try the natural supplements that can be picked up without prescription, which are supposed to have exactly the same effect, minus the side-effects. Soy Balance claims to hit the nail on the head in a pretty big way.

So, the question is, will Soy Balance prove to be at least a decently effective substitute for HRT without the nasty side-effects, or is it not really worth bothering with at all?


According to the makers of Soy Balance – a firm by the name of Nature’s Made – you’re looking at a product that works by using a variety of natural ingredients to imitate the behaviors and the effects of estrogen. As such, it’s apparently able to help restore some semblance of order and balance to the body’s hormones, relieving the symptoms of menopause without causing any further trouble in its own right. From night sweats to weight gain to general mood complaints, Soy Balance can apparently do it all and doesn’t require any kind of prescription. In fact, it all sounds a little too good to be true, so what’s the story?

What are the positives and negatives of SOY BALANCE?


A brand like Nature’s Made isn’t likely to throw out a dud just for the sake of it, so it’s nice to think Soy Balance will further the firm’s reputation. The main ingredients of Soy Balance have been extensively tested and proven in their effectiveness, it’s one of the cheapest supplements of its kind out there today and all required information is listed on the official website. What’s more, you can even get a discount using the coupon codes provided, so it gets even cheaper. As such, there’s plenty to be said for the real pluses.


Moving onto the negatives, not only has Soy Balance in its own right, not been put through any clinical trials, but the firm doesn’t make any mention of a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with it. In addition, it doesn’t contain any Black Cohosh or Dong Quai which are the biggest things in the menopause supplement world right now by far. Coupled with Soy Balance’s potential to tackle only minor symptoms at best – at least according to reviews – it’s important to understand the real minuses.

What Ingredients are in SOY BALANCE?

The list of ingredients present in Soy Balance is reassuringly short and there’s no reason to suspect that any will cause an adverse reaction. Of course, it’s always possible to be allergic to even the most natural of ingredients, which means it’s a good idea to consult your doctor before getting started with Soy Balance.

According to the label, each bottle contains: Silicon Dioxide, Cellulose Gel, Stearic Acid, Soy Isoflavones, Calcium and Magnesium.

Should You Buy SOY BALANCE? Here's My Opinion...

At first glance, there seems to be plenty of reason to recommend Soy Balance as a product of choice for menopause sufferers. However, there’s even more reason to think twice about buying it as there’s no specific evidence that Soy Balance actually works, nor is there a guarantee in place if it doesn’t. This product is a risky investment that just may not work and could waste your time compared to other products.

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