As a mom of 3 very rambunctious children, Kathryn Phillips was always doing something with them, whether it was driving them to soccer practice or dropping them at the local shopping mall. When Kathryn began experiencing symptoms of menopause, she had a hard time keeping up with her children so she started researching natural menopausal supplements. She realized that she had a calling to help other women needing information and began blogging. That soon grew into a full time passion researching and reviewing as many products as she could and passing along all the information she accumulated.

ProFema Review - Is PROFEMA The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Kathryn Phillips

If you are looking for a supplement to provide a good female health at Menopause stage, then you may want to try ProFema Menopause.

So, the question is, will ProFema be able to fulfill its claims? Is it worth the investment?


ProFema is a health supplement for women to deal with symptoms of Menopause phase and it is not just vitamins and minerals. It is manufactured by a well known and reputed health brand called Pure Essence. It promises to help women with symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings and excessive sweating. ProFema claims to be a premium supplement which addresses all issues caused by Menopausal phase like possible weakness due to Kidney System. The product website has a complete list of ingredients and a well answered FAQ section. ProFema comes in a bottle packing of 60 capsules and is averagely priced as compared to other similar products in this category. The company does not provide any money back guarantee or free trial sample. Some retailers offer return back of items that is as per their own return policy. Though it is highly promoted but the fact is it does not provide any necessary information about its effectiveness in providing relief to women from issues cause by menopause.

What are the positives and negatives of PROFEMA?


They have very few reviews online. This product is averagely priced as compared to other similar products in this category. Complete list of ingredients is listed on website. It is easily available online through third party retailers with many attractive discount options.


Regarding the minuses, there are no testimonials from customers from where more references can be drawn. Also there are no clinical studies done to verify the product claims and prove its benefits. Though company has provided a complete list of ingredients, but no more information like their specifications or their significance is explained. Company does not offer any satisfaction guarantee or money back guarantee.

What Ingredients are in PROFEMA?

The complete list of ingredients is mentioned on product website. These ingredients are beneficial for normalizing moods, reducing night sweats and lowering hot flashes. ProFema is designed to provide essential nutrients for a healthy and strong skeletal system and enhances energy levels. There are some powerful herbs included in formula that helps to promote strength for kidney system to be in full healthy. There are no clinical studies cited to prove these benefits though. But as these ingredients are potent and well known for their properties, this product is widely accepted.

Ingredients: It contains plant enzymes like lipase, lactase, sucralse, maltase, cellulose, amylase and protease. It also contains Isoflavones likes genistein, puerarins and daidzein. Also Vitamin B12, pro-Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, organic barley juice, poria cocos, organic spirulina, organic oat grass juice, caste tree fruit, burdock root, bioflavanoids, white peony root, Kudzu root, motherwort flowers, rehmannia root, eleuthero root and dong quai root and wild yam root

Should You Buy PROFEMA? Here's My Opinion...

The product as a supplement does not provides any benefits to overall women health and not much relief from menopause symptoms. Additionally, the product is overly hyped due to its endorsements and it does nothing to cite those claims. It is also not backed with any clinical research and also not by money back guarantee, making it a poor choice.

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