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MenoThin Review - Is MENOTHIN The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Kathryn Phillips

MenoThin is a non-prescription supplement that is claimed to help you minimize weight gain during menopause. The product is developed by Naturopathica which is an Australian company. The company claims that this product can be taken to combat the weight gain that is common when you start to experience menopause. MenoThin does not cite any clinical studies that back up their claims and there are not any customer reviews made available about the product or any other products that Naturopathica produces. You can purchase MenoThin right from the company website as well as other products they produce that are supposed to help with menopause symptoms as MenoThin is only designed to help manage weight gain.

So, the question is, will MenoThin provide you with enough information to help you buy this product with ease or are they not providing more information about the product because customers will not appreciate the answers?


MenoThin is a tablet that is said to contain a variety of vitamins, minerals and herbs. The website says that this blend was chosen because these ingredients are known for balancing the body’s hormones, which are leaving the system during menopause. However, the website does not actually say what these ingredients are. MenoThin says that they will help you avoid the weight gain that usually comes with menopause, but they do not offer any clinical trials as evidence that it actually works. They also to not offer any customer reviews or information about whether or not using this could cause side effects. Naturopathica sells a variety of other products, but there are not very many details about these other formulas either. Each only gets a paragraph description on their page.

What are the positives and negatives of MENOTHIN?


Regarding positives about MenoThin, the formula is available for sale on the company website so you do not need to search around for it. Naturaopathcia does have a contact form where you can ask more questions and address your concerns before buying. The formula is also specifically designed for those going through menopause, which could make for real plusses.


There are problems that need to be noted if you are considering buying MenoThin. The company website does not provide a lot of information and they do not make it clear if you can expect side effects from taking MenoThin regularly. They do not offer any kind of free sample or money back guarantee for those that make a purchase. They do not list the ingredients for their product and they do not provide any indication of what size doses you should take or when you should take it throughout the day. Finally, there are no clinical studies that indicate that this product works which ultimately adds up to some real minuses.

What Ingredients are in MENOTHIN?

The manufacturer claims that MenoThin contains a variety of herbs, minerals and vitamins in the formula. They say that this unique blend of ingredients is designed to help balance hormone levels in the body that skew during menopause. However, none of the specific ingredients that are included in the formula are listed on the MenoThin webpage.

Ingredients: Unavailable.

Should You Buy MENOTHIN? Here's My Opinion...

You can’t recommend MenoThin to others because there is just not a lot of information about what it is going to do. You don’t know how you should take it, when you should see results or what results exactly are supposed to happen. There is also no information about side effects which could occur which makes this an unsafe risk.

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