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Menosan Review - Is MENOSAN The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Kathryn Phillips

Menosan is a product by Himalaya which is designed to be used to help combat the symptoms of menopause. The company says that using this supplement will help to alleviate some of the worst menopausal troubles without the need to take on the risks of hormone replacement therapy. It seems like this company is centered in India with most stores stocking Himalaya products being located here. There are not very many locations that sell Himalaya products in the United States. It seems as though there are online stores to fill this demand. Menosan is not readily available through the main Menosan website for those that want to make a purchase. This may sound good, but you’re probably thinking you should learn what is in the product before you buy it.

So, the question is, will Menosan help to eliminate some of the worst symptoms associated with Menopause or is this product not readily available in the United States because it is not worth companies stocking?


Menosan has a list of ingredients that focus on products which have been demonstrated to help women manage the symptoms of menopause. Clinical trials on some of the herbal ingredients in the blend have been shown to help manage mood swings, sleeplessness and promote an overall sense of physical and mental well-being. Menosan also contains ingredients including phytoestrogens which will help to balance your hormones. The product isn’t available for purchase through the Himalaya website and this website is also lacking client testimonials that will help users get a feel for what to expect from this product before they buy.

What are the positives and negatives of MENOSAN?


Regarding the reputation of this product, there have been clinical studies performed on the main ingredients of this blend. Research papers about how these ingredients work and how effective they are supposed to be are available on the Himalaya website for people to read. The ingredients in this blend are shown to help manage menopausal symptoms effectively, which are definite real plusses.


Regarding potential issues that customers should consider, Menosan is not available for purchase through the manufacturer which is inconvenient. The product appears to mostly be available in India and harder to get in other countries. While they talk a lot about how effective their product is they do not show you any customer testimonials about their experience. They also do not reveal all of the ingredients in the formula, only listing the active ingredients that they use which can make for real minuses.

What Ingredients are in MENOSAN?

The Menosan website offers a complete list of ingredients that buyers can review before purchasing. The formula revolves around the use of asparagus racemosus, so the website focuses on providing a great deal of information about this ingredient. The history of asparagus racemosus is given as well as the habitat, what it contains; clinical details about the product, its pharmacology, indications and toxicology are all featured on the man Menosan page with little detail provided for everything else that is in the blend.

Ingredients: Full list available on product site.

Should You Buy MENOSAN? Here's My Opinion...

It doesn't look like this formula is worth going out of your way to get your hands on. You would definitely need to make the extra effort just to find a store that carries this product. There is no evidence that the whole Menosan formula even works, just a bit of research about certain ingredients in the formula. With these kinds of issues at hand it seems easier to just buy a different supplement.

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