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Menoaid Review - Is MENOAID The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Kathryn Phillips

A search for menopause treatment supplements is suggestive of the fact that you have started having menopause symptoms and are finding it hard to cope with them. Since you want to put an end to your suffering and want to find relief from the undesirable menopausal symptoms, you have started looking for menopause treatment products in the hope that they can help you in this regard.

So, the question is, Will Menoaid offer the menopause treatment benefits that it claims it can provide or turn out to be a useless product that does nothing?


Menoaid is touted as an herbal product that can mitigate the symptoms of menopause suffered by women. It claims to be the best supplement available in the market that is definitely safer than hormonal therapies used for treating menopausal symptoms. The product is said to inject a healthy quantity of Phytoestrogens in the bloodstream of the user, which helps in alleviating the symptoms of menopause. Besides this, Menoaid professes to increase bone strength and enhance the health of the heart. Moreover, it also helps in reducing the menopause induced weight gain and decreases the frequency of mood swings and hot flashes. The product is available online for a price of about $30. Menoaid can be purchased at discounted rates if it is ordered in a large quantity. Menoaid says it offers relief to its users from the menopausal symptoms by binding itself to the receptors of estrogen in the body. This way, the hormonal changes do not take place as rapidly and thus the user of Menoaid does not suffer from its consequences. The Phytoestrogens present in the product are deemed safe for human use and have been claimed to be more effective than hormonal therapies done for alleviating the symptoms of menopause. Menoaid also promises to improve skin health, enhance sex drive and allow the user to enjoy a sound sleep at night.

What are the positives and negatives of MENOAID?


The product has a number of customer testimonials. The other positives of the product are its availability to be purchase on the internet, discounts that are offered on large orders of the product, the availability of a money-back guarantee and the affordable price tag attached to it.


There are a fair few negatives of the product too. For starters, no clinical trials have been performed on Menoaid’s formula. Furthermore, the claimed benefits of some of the ingredients have not been clinically tested.

What Ingredients are in MENOAID?

The tasks performed by each of these ingredients have been mentioned on the website of the product. For instance, the Cedrus deodara included in Menoaid does the job of relieving the pain that is among the common symptoms of menopause while the Asparagus racemosus is added to manage the uterus swelling that occurs during menopause.

The ingredients that are included in the formula of Menoaid are Aloe vera, Terminalia chebula, Symplocos racemosus, Centella asisatica, Saraca indica, Cedrus deodara, Asparagus racemosus and glycerrhiza glabra.

Should You Buy MENOAID? Here's My Opinion...

There are no clinical trials done on the product or some of its active ingredients. Thus, Menoaid cannot be recommended to be used for treating menopausal symptoms.

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