As a mom of 3 very rambunctious children, Kathryn Phillips was always doing something with them, whether it was driving them to soccer practice or dropping them at the local shopping mall. When Kathryn began experiencing symptoms of menopause, she had a hard time keeping up with her children so she started researching natural menopausal supplements. She realized that she had a calling to help other women needing information and began blogging. That soon grew into a full time passion researching and reviewing as many products as she could and passing along all the information she accumulated.

Meno-Life Review - Is MENO-LIFE The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Kathryn Phillips

It is not a secret that you are extremely tired of handling the various painful symptoms of menopause as there is no other reason why you would be searching for menopause pain relieving supplements otherwise. You know that if you want to find a solution to the problems menopause causes you, you need to buy the supplement which won’t just promise great results, but also deliver them.

So, the question is, will Meno-Life by Nutra-Life be that pain relieving supplement which would bring you much needed relief from the painful menopausal symptoms, or will the product prove to be a great waste of money and nothing else?


Meno-Life is manufactured and distributed by Nutra-Life and is marketed as a 24-hour protector against the painful and tiring menopausal symptoms. The company claims that their product won’t just help in dealing with any specific female menopause symptom as it has the capability of totally nullifying all the effects of menopause, including getting rid of night sweat, hot flashes and mood variations and increasing the dwindling the energy levels. Meno-Life is a supplement which can’t be used by all as the company recommends caution while using Meno-Life for the ladies who use oral contraceptives, who take different prescription medications, who opt for different hormone replacement treatments, who are carrying a baby or who have any tumors.

What are the positives and negatives of MENO-LIFE?


There are two major benefits of the product. One of them is that the product promises 24-hour help and assistance in fighting and dealing with menopausal symptoms. None of the other supplements offer 24-hour protection against them. The other positive regarding Meno-Life is that the entire list of ingredients has been published by the manufacturers while their specific benefits are also explained on the company’s website for the benefit of the people.


There is a long list of negatives which must be considered as well as far as Meno-Life is concerned. The biggest problem with the product is that it doesn’t come with a satisfaction guarantee which shows little to no confidence on the part of Nutra-Life in their product as they would have offered one if they were sure that their product would deliver. The second major negative regarding the product is that the product can’t be used with hormone replacement treatments, with prescription medications and with oral contraceptives. This reduces the amount of people who can actually use the product to a bare minimum.

What Ingredients are in MENO-LIFE?

The exact list of ingredients and their concentrations remain published on all the retailer websites where Meno-Life is sold.

Meno-Life consists of the following ingredients: Cimicifuga racemosa rhizome and root, Dioscorea villosa (which is a wild yam root), glycine max (soy) seed, Hypericum perforatum herb top, Calcium Citrate, Valeriana officinalis (a Valerian root), soy isoflavones, Trifolium pratense flower, Eleutherococcus senticosus root dry, magnesium oxide, Vitex agnus castus fruit and Passiflora incarnata.

Should You Buy MENO-LIFE? Here's My Opinion...

Meno-Life by Nutra-Life has a few positives like the promise of 24-hour protection against menopausal symptoms and the publication of the full list of ingredients along with their benefits. However, the fact that there is no satisfaction guarantee to assure the buyers, the fact that its benefits start to kick in after 4 weeks and the fact that it can’t be used by ladies who use other hormone replacement treatments are negatives which are difficult to ignore, making this product difficult to recommend.

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