As a mom of 3 very rambunctious children, Kathryn Phillips was always doing something with them, whether it was driving them to soccer practice or dropping them at the local shopping mall. When Kathryn began experiencing symptoms of menopause, she had a hard time keeping up with her children so she started researching natural menopausal supplements. She realized that she had a calling to help other women needing information and began blogging. That soon grew into a full time passion researching and reviewing as many products as she could and passing along all the information she accumulated.

Estrologic Review - Is ESTROLOGIC The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Kathryn Phillips

There are millions of women all over the world that are literally crying out for something - anything - to help them alleviate some of the more unpleasant symptoms associated with menopause. From lethargy, to depression, and right through to all manner of aches and pains, it’s a time of life most dread and the majority suffer through unaided. Of course, the market for supplements geared toward such individuals is vast to say the least. Estrologic is one such example of a product that’s been designed to take the edge off so many of these symptoms by restoring hormonal balance and making the whole ordeal a little easier to cope with. Chances are you’re thinking this sounds like just the kind of product you could do with?

So, the question is, will Estrologic really deliver the effects necessary to make menopause an infinitely less traumatic time in life, or is it worth less than the bottle it’s supplied in?


Like many of its rival products, the majority of Estrologic’s claims to fame revolve around its use of Black Cohosh. This particular extract has been put through its paces time and time again, showing some seriously reassuring results when it comes to maintaining hormonal balance in menopausal women. As such, the makers of Estrologic speak of its harnessing of precisely such properties, while at the same time utilizing other all-natural ingredients to benefit body and mind alike. And given all these benefits it’s pretty cheap too – somewhere in the region of $25 per bottle – but you have to look a little deeper to work out whether or not it’s money well spent.

What are the positives and negatives of ESTROLOGIC?


Kicking off with the pros, Estrologic is a wholly exclusive product with a formula you will not find in any other supplement of its kind. All ingredients seem to be listed and make for pretty pleasant reading, it not the most expensive pill of its kind out there and the list of benefits promised by the manufacturer is simply massive. In addition, there are discounts on offers for those buying in larger amounts, feedback from buyers seems to be positive and you can buy Estrologic from plenty of locations. On the whole, impressive and very real pluses.


On the downside of things, there’s no official website for Estrologic and so finding out any really deep and detailed information about it is far too difficult. You can get hold of a full list of ingredients, but what they do and how they work in conjunction with one another isn’t discussed. There’s also no evidence of clinical testing nor is there a money back guarantee offered by the manufacturer. So while it’s not all bad, it’s not looking good either, thanks to these real minuses.

What Ingredients are in ESTROLOGIC?

The list of ingredients that go into Estrologic is technically 100% unique, though the vast majority make it into most of the supplement’s main rivals.

According to the pack, Estrologic is made from Wild Yam, Sage extract, Chaste Berry Tree, Vervain extract, Astragalus, Black Cohosh, Soybean Isoflavones and Motherwort.

Should You Buy ESTROLOGIC? Here's My Opinion...

At this time there just isn’t enough information and evidence to offer a full backing to Estrologic. The lack of any official website is a huge negative for the product. Also, the way in which it doesn’t seem to have been tested, and isn’t covered by a satisfaction guarantee. You’re taking a chance as there’s no guarantee it will and your investment isn’t protected.

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