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EstroFactors Review - Is ESTROFACTORS The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Kathryn Phillips

EstroFactors, a product manufactured by Metagenics, helps women gain relief from symptoms that occur during menopause. Metagenics is a reputed company and has manufactured several high-quality natural supplements. Though menopause is natural in a women’s cycle, it can lead to several frustrating symptoms. It can induce hot flashes, night sweats, irrational mood swings, and irritability. It can also induce vaginal dryness in many women. All these symptoms can be very frustrating to women, but this product promises to reduce those issues, thereby enabling women to lead healthier, happier lives. Although this product is manufactured by Metagenics, the website doesn’t offer a lot of information related to this product. However, one can find more information about this product in several third party websites that sell this product.

So, the question is, will EstroFactors help women gain relief from frustrating symptoms associated with Menopause?


The manufacturer claims that this product metabolizes Estrogen, thereby balancing the hormone to provide relief from the symptoms associated with menopause. The manufacturer also states that the formula used in the production converts Estradiol to 2-hydroxyestone. It also contains a combination of active folates that includes 5-Formyl Tetrahydrofolate, folic acid and L-5 Methyl Tetrahydrofolate. Folic acid efficiently helps to increase the ingredients’ bioavailability. The time line required for this product may vary for different individuals, depending on the level of symptoms they experience.

What are the positives and negatives of ESTROFACTORS?


EstroFactors is manufactured by a company that has manufactured several high quality supplements. Therefore, this product is manufactured using powerful ingredients that work effectively to help women gain relief from symptoms associated with menopause. The website has listed all the ingredients used in the production of this product and it is available in several third party retail outlets. Customers can avail a money back guarantee that lasts for 30 days upon purchasing this product.


Though this product is manufactured using high quality ingredients, it is expensive compared to other supplements that perform in a similar manner. The website doesn’t explain the uses of all the ingredients used. In addition, the website doesn’t feature any testimonials from customers who have used this product earlier.

What Ingredients are in ESTROFACTORS?

The ingredients in EstroFactors are high quality and chosen for reasons that the company doesn't make clear. You can find a list to the right.

EstroFactors contains powerful ingredients like Vitamin D, A, K, E, B12 and B6. In addition, it contains a blend of Actifolate, isoflavones, rosemary leaf, extract of turmeric rhizome and resveratrol.

Should You Buy ESTROFACTORS? Here's My Opinion...

This product is manufactured by Metagenics, a reputed company that has manufactured several high-quality natural supplements. But, their website doesn’t contain a lot of information related to EstroFactors. One can buy this product for about $56.75 per bottle, which makes it very expensive compared to other supplements that promise to work in a similar way -- by providing relief from symptoms related to menopause. In addition, another disadvantage is that the website doesn’t display any clinical studies to prove that this product works efficiently. However, this product is manufactured with powerful ingredients and ultimately it is a high-quality product.

It might be tough for some consumers to purchase this product even if it falls into a high-quality category mainly because of its price. Also, the manufacturer doesn’t feature any customer testimonials offered by customers who have sued this product earlier. However, the manufacturer offers a money back guarantee that lasts for 30 days and if you want to purchase this product at a cheaper price, you could order it in bulk as you can gain discounts. Without proper clinical testing, though, it's difficult to recommend this product. Buyer beware.

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