Rhode Island born Elizabeth Moon is a holistic nutritionist, teaching her collection of proven techniques on how to learn to love and respect yourself and be healthy at the same time. Elizabeth believes in a strong relationship between what we put into our bodies and how we feel because of those introductions, compelling many to change their bad habits to improve depression and negative feelings without costly counseling or harsh prescriptions.

Picking The Best Depression and Anxiety Supplements

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The fast pace of today's society with all its pressures and deadlines has made anxiety, stress and depression very common conditions. Almost 15 million people suffer from major depressive disorder and there are as many as 40 million people that suffer with some type of anxiety.

The most common symptoms of anxiety include feelings of apprehension or dread, trouble concentrating, feeling tense or jumpy, anticipating the worst in a situation, irritability, restlessness, watching for signs of imminent danger, feeling as if your mind has gone blank, a pounding heart, and insomnia. Depression manifests itself in feelings of profound sadness and hopelessness; a loss of all things pleasurable.

Avoiding Anxiety and Depression

Many people handle stress and life altering situations without any issues but others suffer from anxiety or depression that can be debilitating. Many people do not want to go to the doctor to get prescription medication, especially with the side-effects and possibility of dependency and look to combat anxiousness, stress and depression with natural supplements. For many, all natural supplements can help alleviate feelings of sadness and anxiety restoring a peaceful tranquility.

Using Natural Ingredients To Restore Peaceful Tranquility

Natural alternatives are derived from different herbs and vitamins ranging from St. John's Wort, Folic Acid, 5-HTP, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, B-6, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12 and various other proprietary blends of botanical extracts and powders. These natural supplements are designed to simultaneously alleviate stress and anxiety, while increasing energy and vitality levels. All of this is done through precise blends of complementing ingredients to produce the desired outcome chemically in the brain.

It is best to choose a supplement that is designed to be taken over several days for a period of time, rather than single-dose boosters that are taken when you feel an anxiety attack or panic attack coming on. Single-dose rapid acting supplements for anxiety or depression are likely to be quite strong and probably are not available without a prescription.

Choosing The Right Supplement

You should look for a supplement that contains a blend of ingredients that help balance key neurotransmitters essential for promoting calmness. Top quality products contain GABA (Gamma-Aminobutryic Acid), a chemical that occurs naturally in the brain to reduce anxiousness and tension. Another essential ingredient is 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) or griffonia simplifolica which is crucial to the production of serotonin; neurotransmitter promoting relaxation and calm. Low levels of serotonin have been linked to anxiety and depression. Tryptophan is another key ingredient to look for since it helps promote production of 5-HTP. Supplements with these ingredients work to help the body maintain neurotransmitter balance to control anxiety and depression.

Other herbal extracts and botanicals that are important are those designed to promote and regulate sleep patterns. Products containing valerian, skullcap and melatonin promote healthy sleep patterns and good sleep. Including mood stabilizing botanicals like kava kava and passionflower can help calm and soothe nerves naturally without fear of dependency seen with some prescription medications.

Whenever you choose to use a natural alternative for anxiety or depression related symptoms, always read the label carefully and follow the instructions. Do not take more than the recommended dose and make sure you check the list of ingredients. Be sure to check with your healthcare practitioner before taking any over the counter, alternative supplement or prescription medication to make sure the product is right for you.


All natural anxiety and depression supplements are designed to restore balance and promote feelings of calmness and peacefulness. Quality products start with quality ingredients. Be sure to look for those that incorporate precise blends of complementing ingredients to produce the desired outcome chemically in the brain.

We've put together a list of products we've reviewed that we feel are the most effective products for reducing anxiety and promotes feelings of happiness and tranquility.

These product results are based on our research; on factors that we feel is the absolute bottom line requirement for the best possible outcome for consumers. Supplements were judged on inclusion of high quality, powerful natural ingredients, evidence of clinical research and studies of ingredients, required amounts of ingredients with synergistic powers and properties, whether they are doctor formulated, made in USA, with no or minimal side effects and backed by a money back guarantee and priced fairly.

My Top 3 Anxiety / Depression Products

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