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OmegaBrite Review - Is OMEGABRITE The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Rose Cauldwell

There’s a ton of evidence out there to suggest that Omega 3 is essential for just about every core function regarding the body and brain alike. EPA is said to be able to contribute to health like almost nothing else out there, with benefits ranging from clarity of mind to clearer skin and right through to supply, pain-free joints. We’re told to get more of the stuff in our diets, but it isn’t always easy or even possible to do so. So, we turn to supplements like OmegaBrite to give us a helping hand and pump a high dose of the good stuff into our bodies in the simplest way possible. But here’s the thing – there’s already a small arsenal of Omega 3 supplements out there, so OmegaBrite is joining a pretty crowded market.

So, the question is, will OmegaBrite make a name for itself as the Omega 3 supplement to invest in, or is it just a rebadged version of what we’ve already had for years?


It’s no secret at all that Omega 3 is essential – there are thousands of supplements out there claiming to offer that extra dose we all need. As far as OmegaBrite goes, its makers speak about the product containing a full 90% of pure Omega 3, which in turn contains 70% EPA. These figures might not mean a lot to you, but compare them to some of the other Omega 3 supplements on the marker and you’ll immediately see they’re very, very high. As such, they state that after a few months of using OmegaBrite you’ll notice real differences to your health and wellbeing across the board. From emotional stability to cognitive function and right through to physical strength and energy, OmegaBrite ticks all the right boxes…or so we’re told.

What are the positives and negatives of OMEGABRITE?


The biggest plus of all is the fact that we already know how essential Omega 3 is – supplements like OmegaBrite are by far the most convenient way of upping intake. As far as consumer reviews go, there are plenty out there speaking in favor of OmegaBrite as a taste-free and no-hassle alternative to some of the other supplements out there. The website is full of essential information, it’s not the most expensive product of its kind and there’s even a specific version available for kids. On the whole, therefore, it’s an Omega 3 supplement with some real pluses.


As for the downsides, the ingredient itself may be tried and tested, but OmegaBrite as a product has not been put through any kind of testing at all. On top of this, there are no free samples offered, which puts it slightly behind some of its rivals, but at the same time there isn’t much else to be said for the real minuses.

What Ingredients are in OMEGABRITE?

As mentioned, it’s the 90% pure Omega that the capsules contain that stands out as the key ingredient. More specifics can be found out in the extensive FAQ section on the product’s website, but on the whole it’s largely side-effect free.

Ingredients: Available on website.

Should You Buy OMEGABRITE? Here's My Opinion...

As an Omega 3 supplement, OmegaBrite ticks all of the right boxes when it comes to quality, price, and consumer feedback. The fact that it hasn’t been clinically tested excludes OmegaBrite from consideration -- as no product can be recommended without knowing for certain that it works the way it claims.

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