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Inositol Review - Is INOSITOL The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Rose Cauldwell

Curiosity about anti-depression and stress relieving supplements is a sure shot sign that you have been having trouble in combating the symptoms of panic and anxiety. Since you are looking for a way to end this problem of yours, you have started searching for anti-anxiety supplements in the hope that they would be able to reduce the occurrence of the panic attacks.

So, the question is, will Inositol provide you relief from the stress and depression by enhancing your mood, or will it just be a disappointment?


Inositol is a compound that is present in fruits, like oranges and cantaloupe, in rich quantities. This compound is being touted as a remedy for many health concerns that include ADHD, insomnia, nerve pain, and even high cholesterol. Supplements that are claimed to have anti-anxiety benefits contain inositol, because incidentally, this chemical has also been considered to have anti-panic qualities as well.Besides being found naturally in fruits, inositol can be prepared in laboratories as well. Thus, it is necessary to find out the source from where the inositol used in a supplement has been extracted before making the decision of buying that supplement. Small scale clinical trials performed on inositol have revealed that the anti-panic benefits of this compound are not totally baseless. However, there is still need for some large scale testing to be done on this chemical before anything can be said with certainty about its purported anti-anxiety qualities. According to the results of the studies, inositol brought about a decrease in depression for about a month, but failed to sustain the results in the long run.

What are the positives and negatives of INOSITOL?


The most worth mentioning plus-point of this compound is that clinical trials done on it have mostly shown favorable results and have indicated that inositol is a possible remedy for people who suffer from panic disorders. Moreover, the compound has been used as a key ingredient in the formula of a large variety of supplements that are known to provide anti-anxiety benefits and is present in fruits like oranges and cantaloupes which are readily available in the market.


The compound has a fair few negative points as well and the most important of them is its ineffectiveness when it comes to treating symptoms of depression. The compound has also been found guilty of causing side effects like headaches and dizziness. Furthermore, there is no knowledge available of any contraindications that this compound might have.

What Ingredients are in INOSITOL?

Inositol is a naturally occurring compound that is most commonly found in fruits like cantaloupe and oranges and has been known to reduce the occurrence of panic disorders.

Ingredients: Inositol.

Should You Buy INOSITOL? Here's My Opinion...

Inositol is an effective stress reliever if the anxiety felt by a person is the result of panic. However, the compound fails to deliver the goods when the feelings of anxiety are caused by depression. In addition to this, the compound is known to cause certain side effects like headaches and dizziness and has to be taken in a very precise quantity (12-18 grams a day) to combat panic attacks.

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