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Hypericum Review - Is HYPERICUM The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Rose Cauldwell

Your interest in stress relievers is indicative of the fact that you have been struggling with depression and are having difficulty in keeping yourself calm and happy. Since you want to get relief from the anxiety and tension, you have started looking for mood enhancers and anti-depression supplements believing that they can help you in decreasing the stress you are under.

So, the question is, will Hypericum be able to relieve the symptoms of stress and tension that you have been having, or fail to deliver the results it promises.


Hypericum is the name of a herb that is considered to be a remedy for many health problems and has been in use since olden times. Among the health issues that can be addressed by the use of Hypericum, depression and anxiety are the most important ones. This is the reason why Hypericum is an essential ingredient in all of the supplements that have been developed in the recent times for relieving the symptoms of stress and tension. Hypericum is also known commonly by the name of St. John’ Wort. The scientific name given to this herb is Hypericum perforatum but it is often referred to as Hypericum as well, which is the genus name of this herb.

Several clinical trials have been performed on Hypericum and they have revealed that all the anti-depression benefits of this herb are indeed quite substantial. This compound has the capability to markedly reduce the symptoms of both anxiety and stress in a natural way. Thus, it is safe to say that this herb is more than likely to provide relief from mild symptoms of depression and anxiety. However, Hypericum is not an all powerful product that can surpass the anti-anxiety benefits of prescription medications. In fact, there have been reports which suggest that the use of supplements containing this herb can cause serious side effects if the user is taking certain prescription medications. This is the reason why the use of this product has been banned in France.

What are the positives and negatives of HYPERICUM?


There are a number of positives of Hypericum and the most important one among them is that the product has been clinically tested for its effectiveness. The scientific studies have shown that Hypericum does in fact lower depression and anxiety levels. Moreover, Hypericum which is also known by the name of St. John’s Wort is a naturally occurring herb which is a key ingredient of many natural anti-depression supplements that are available in the market.


The biggest minus-point of this herb is that it cannot be used alongside prescribed medications since it can cause severe complications if used in conjunction with other medications. Thus, it is necessary that the advice of a medical professional is sought before starting the use of a supplement that contains Hypericum. Furthermore, Hypericum is not readily available in all parts of the world. For instance, the use of this herb is banned in France.

What Ingredients are in HYPERICUM?

There is no information available about the ingredients present in Hypericum perforatum.

Ingredients: Unavailable.

Should You Buy HYPERICUM? Here's My Opinion...

Being a natural herb, Hypericum perforatum is considered an effective remedy for patients who are suffering from mild symptoms of tension and stress. Still the stress relieving effects of this herb cannot surpass those provided by the anti-depression medication. Thus, the claims made by people that it is even better than the stress relieving drugs are mostly untrue. Moreover, people are strongly advised to consult with their doctor before using any supplement that contains Hypericum in it as the herb has been known to cause side effects when used alongside other prescribed medications. Find a solution that has no known side effects, so that you get the best product for your money.

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