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Exulin Review - Is EXULIN The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Rose Cauldwell

Exulin is developed by Progressive Health which sells the blend as a natural remedy to help combat depression. Exulin is available online through the official Progressive Health webpage for around $40 for a month’s worth of the supplement. There are discounts for those that are interested in buying more of the blend at any one time. Exulin is said to provide the anti-depression benefits they claim by targeting the neurotransmitters in the brain that help to dictate your mood.

So, the question is, will Exulin provide all of these results for individuals, or is this natural remedy not going to be strong enough to really manage symptoms of depression?


Exulin does not offer a great deal of information on their official product page. Instead, most of the space on the sale page for Exulin discusses the common state of depression and other parts of the webpage are dedicated to explaining what neurotransmitters are and how getting an imbalance of these chemicals in your brain will often lead to depression. The lack of information about the supposed benefits of using Exulin does not extend to the particular ingredients which are explained as being essential to managing depression. The site talks about L-phenylalanine as being an essential amino acid which the body needs to produce neurotransmitters. While substances like rhodiola rosea will be helpful in assisting the body and brain to producing the right amount of serotonin. There are a few reviews from satisfied customers available on the Exulin page for review as well.

What are the positives and negatives of EXULIN?


There are discounted rates for those that trust Exulin enough to buy in bulk. There have been studies that claim certain key ingredients in Exulin are helpful in managing depression and there are a few satisfied reviews on the web page that indicates it was helpful to others. There is a 180 day money back guarantee on the product, and the product can be purchased in a secure environment which can be real plusses.


Regarding the minuses that affect this product, there does not appear to be a complete list of ingredients for the product on the website. They also do not offer any sort of free sample to those that are not ready to buy a full supply at first glance. The clinical studies mentioned as being performed on the different ingredients are not listed on the page, and it does not appear as though a clinical study was performed on the whole Exulin blend which could be real minuses.

What Ingredients are in EXULIN?

A complete list of ingredients has not been provided for Exulin. They do provide a description of the formula and a discussion of anti-depression remedies that indicate that the formula contains some form of the following compounds.

Ingredients: St. John’s Wort, rhodiola rosea, L-phenylalanine, and ginko biloba.

Should You Buy EXULIN? Here's My Opinion...

Exulin does not appear to be dangerous, but there is just not enough information about this product to indicate that it will actually be helpful in getting the results you are looking for. The website is dedicated to providing more information about depression and how the chemicals in your brain can contribute to this condition rather than explaining how their formula can potentially help with this condition. There are definitely more reliable products out there with more proof.

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