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5-HTP Review - Is 5-HTP The Right Product For You?
A 5 Star5 Stars Review by : Rose Cauldwell

If you are struggling to overcome anxiety and depression in your life and are looking for a natural, affordable product that also helps in reducing weight, then you should look for products containing 5 – HTP.

So, the question is, will 5-HTP be able to fulfill the claims it makes?


5- HTP is also called 5 – hydroxytryptophan and is helpful in treating adverse effects of low serotonin levels like anxiety and depression. It naturally occurs in the body between conversion processes of tryptophan to serotonin. Tryptophan is an important amino acid and serotonin is responsible for mood regulation; it works as a neurotransmitter. 5 – HTP is an active ingredient in many anxiety and depression treatment products. It adds to serotonin levels. 5- HTP is known to be in correlation of serotonin, as 5 – HTP levels increases so does the serotonin level. It is the best known natural treatment to anyone who is experiencing anxiety or depression. There are several clinical studies done on 5 – HTP. These studies were focused on the effects of 5 – HTP on the overall health of heart and mind. As per recent studies, 5 – HTP shows positive results in reducing 50% symptoms of anxiety. There were no side effects reported. It is also believed that 5 – HTP is beneficial in improving weight loss outcomes. These studies were done on different age groups of men and women, and the results were good but less than ideal. More studies are being conducted to explore better results from 5 – HTP compounds. There are high probabilities of contamination on 5 – HTP products; therefore it is suggested to customers to buy only from well established manufacturers and retailers. It contains natural elements and no side effects have been reported so far.

What are the positives and negatives of 5-HTP?


There are many positive reviews regarding benefits of 5 – HTP supplements. Clinical studies have been conducted and shown positive results in 5 - HTP's efficiency of treating anxiety and depression. There are several supplements that use 5 – HTP in their products and are available for sale at very affordable prices. In addition to anxiety treatment, 5- HTP has been found to be beneficial in weight loss too. It is a natural compound.


Regarding the minuses, the much highlighted clinical study supporting 5- HTP claims was done on a very small group of participants. It is risky to purchase 5-HTP supplements from non reputed or established manufacturers and retailers as there is a high probability of contamination and possible EMS in them.

What Ingredients are in 5-HTP?

Human body does not get 5 – HTP from foods consumed on a daily basis. 5- HTP is an extract of Griffonia Simplicifolia seeds and is used in many anxiety treatment products. EMS is a calamitous health disorder which is connected with some 5 – HTP supplements. Customers are advised to purchase these supplements from trusted manufacturers. Customers should be careful to check the 5 – HTP product should not contain any fillers binders or additives.

Ingredients: Seeds of Griffonia simplicifolia

Should You Buy 5-HTP? Here's My Opinion...

5 - HTP is a compound used in several products used for treating anxiety and depression. Though it is low priced and affordable,the retail price may vary by different product manufacturers. The retail price would be as per the other ingredients included in a particular product

5- HTP compound looks very promising in naturally treating anxiety and depression. There is a high risk of additional contamination and EMS in this product which does not make it safe for consumption. To avoid this and be safe, customers are advised to purchase 5 – HTP supplements from reputed and established manufacturers and retailers. However, if you do not want to go through the trouble of tracking this supplement down and worrying about its safety of use, then there are many other supplements that are just as good if not better.

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