Lauren Davidson grew up as the oldest of 7 children in a small country town in Illinois. Being a constant "big sister" taking care of so many siblings, she tended to ignore herself and her own health and eating habits. She battled with weight loss and weight gain her entire life. When she went off to college, she decided to learn all she could about proper nutrition and natural options to keeping your body healthy and thin without the yo-yo effect. That's when she began researching products and methods. She now shares her knowledge with as many people as she can in hopes that more people don't go through the same battle she did most of her life.

Picking The Best Weight Loss Supplements

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Losing weight is at the top of everyone's To-Do list. There's no denying that obesity has risen to epidemic proportions. Even if you are not considered obese, chances are you have a little extra weight you would love to get rid of.

There are countless supplements on the market that claim to be your answer to losing weight. But given the demand and the desire for quick and effective weight loss, there are also some less than effective products out there, and navigating your way through the list of them all can be quite overwhelming. Which weight loss supplement actually works?

Weight loss products aren't magic

A very common mistake that many people make is to assume that all they have to do is to take a weight loss product and all the extra weight that they're carrying will just melt away like magic. Unfortunately, losing weight is hard work. Weight loss remedies are not a quick fix and any product or supplement that claims to work like this is not telling the full truth. Ideally, a weight loss product needs to be used in conjunction with a change in diet and/or exercise - preferably both. In many cases, a comprehensive weight loss supplement will help you achieve your weight loss goal.

Weight loss supplements that work by shedding weight quickly are usually ones where you lose is "water weight". Excess fluid retention and bloating can make clothes uncomfortably tight and make you appear bloated. But this "weight loss" can come back as fast as it goes. You need to have a comprehensive, multifaceted product that address weight loss from many different aspects.

Common Weight Loss Supplement Strategies

Diet supplements address weight from many different angles. There are metabolism boosters, appetite suppressants, energy enhancers and even colon cleansers. The best bet is to look for a comprehensive product that helps curb appetite, boost metabolism, increase calorie burning potential and promote a healthy lifestyle change. Attacking weight loss from many different angles can help you maximize your weight loss potential.

Appetite Suppression

Appetite suppressants help curb your appetite; reducing the urge to snack and curbing those late night cravings. This has the effect of reducing your overall calorie intake through the day, which is often a key part of successful weight loss and can help break bad eating habits such as snacking. A great appetite suppressant creates a sense of fullness making you eat less. Another type of appetite suppressant is one that releases chemicals in the brain that send the signal - you are full and help you say no to that extra portion. Trace elements and vitamins are also included to help reduce cravings and the urge to snack. There are many natural ingredients used for appetite suppression and they should be included in the product you choose.

Metabolism Boosting

Look for a product that can help boost metabolism and increases energy levels. The metabolic rate controls how "fuel efficient" a human body is, and a person with a high metabolism will burn more calories. Metabolism boosters work by increasing the rate at which you are burning calories. Metabolism boosters can increase calories burned and fat burning potential to help maximize weight loss potential.


The most effective weight loss supplements are those that are formulated using scientifically proven ingredients that support healthy weight loss - boosting metabolism, suppressing appetite, reducing cravings and increasing energy levels.

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